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28 May 2020

VitalSigns updated with support for Dark Mode

VitalSigns has been updated to version 2.56, which amongst other things adds support for Dark Mode on MacOS 10.14 and later.

The widget also changes its appearance based on your system’s Light/Dark mode setting.

The widget also supports Dark Mode

I’ve made a few tweaks and minor changes to the UI in order to improve the legibility, both in Dark and Light modes. Also, the Support and Update links within the app have been properly updated.

The app has also been notarized by Apple. This audit process ensures that the app is free of any kind of malware, and that it has not been modified by third parties. In fact, this notarization process is a requirement for all apps to be able to run on MacOS 10.15 and later.

Other than that, the app’s functionality remains basically the same: you can customize the widget as always, choose which sensors should be displayed, and so on. The app remains free with no limitations, but you still can donate via PayPal if you want to support my work.

You can download the new version on the VitalSigns website. Just unzip the file and drag the app into the Applications folder, replacing the old version. And don’t forget to stay tuned for future updates.

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