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20 May 2020

AvioFuel update now available with iOS 13 support

AvioFuel version 2.5 is out on the AppStore. This update adds full iOS 13 compatibility, as well as some minor UI improvements and bug fixes.


There was a formatting issue in the previous version when it was used on a device running iOS 13, where some unit text labels where slightly misaligned and somehow difficult to read. This has finally been fixed in AvioFuel version 2.5.

Unit labels are fixed now

Also, when using the previous version under iOS 13, selector controls where incorrectly displayed with a very low contrast which affected legibility. The new version fixes that issue, and now the controls are perfectly readable.

Selectors are now much more readable

Bug fixes

Some users reported that the uplift fuel was not being re-calculated when the uplift volume units where modified in the Aircraft Record (accessible through the Edit screen or via the aircraft database).

This is now solved, and whenever you change the uplift units in the Aircraft record, the uplift quantity is automatically converted to the new units when you go back to the main fueling screen.

Other improvements

AvioFuel is now fully compatible with iOS 13, with iOS 12.4 as the minimum required. As always, it can be used on any screen size, from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’ve made some minor tweaks to the user interface on larger screens and also updated the support link.

If you want more info, check the AvioFuel’s website. Also, if you like the app, please consider rating it, or even writing a review on the App Store. This will improve the app’s visibility on the store, and it will help me to keep delivering updates in the future. Thank you!

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